• Floor Care
    We have a vast range of Single Disc Scrubber for all types of smooth and hard floors.
  • Rugged Wet & Dry Vacs
    Eliminate any type of dust or dirt with our quality Vacuum Cleaners
  • Scrubber Driers
    Robust and Efficient Walk-behind & Ride-on Scrubbing & Drying
  • Steam is hands down the Best Form of Cleaning and Sanitising!
  • includes Flat, Round, Kentucky, Velcro & Color Coded mops
  • Superior Quality of Washers, Squeegees and Scrapers in varied sizes
  • Partek Workhorses with productivity upto 34,000 msq/hr


  • Floor Care

    From hard stone to vinyl, wooden and even carpet flooring, our Single Disc machines are equipped to handle all types of floors. 

  • Healthy Carpets & Upholstery

    With the help of Dry foaming and Scrubbing technology, your plush upholstery will be deep cleaned without damaging the fabric

  • Dust Sweeping

    From large exteriors to dusty streets, our Walk-behind & Ride-on Vacuum Sweepers will make your premises dust free

  • Mopping Systems

    You can easily choose between different types of mopping solutions - flat, round or kentucky type to suit your needs

  • Durable Buckets & Trolleys

    Partek offers durable and mobile buckets in different sizes for wide variety of applications like mopping and glass cleaning. 

  • Houskeeping Trolleys

    Our rugged, elegant & modular trolleys & carts can suit a wide variety of houskeeping needs

  • Color Coding Systems

    We have a complete range of color coded tools in accordance with International HACCP norms

  • Steam Expertise

    Steam not only cleans but also disinfects and sanitises. Combined with vacuums, our steam cleaners are the best in the industry. 

  • Blast that Dirt

    Our HP Cleaners are robust, mobile and high powered in taking off grime and other stubborn dirt from any surface.

  • Dry & Wet Vacuuming

    Partek offers high quality Dry only and Wet/Dry vacuums in various tank capacities to suit your requirements.

  • Scrubbing cum Drying

    High productivity walk-behind & ride-on scrubber driers for large areas for swift cleaning & drying.

  • Essential Cleaning Tools

    For above the surface areas, Partek has a wide variety of eco-friendly products like dustpans, brushes and squeegees.

  • Microfiber Technology

    With 100th the size of human hair, Partek High Performance microfiber technolgy will help you fight dirt and dust and even bacteria upto 99.97%.

  • Streak-free Glass Cleaning

    Our Glass & Window cleaning tools include washers, micrfiber sleeves, squeegees, scrapers in varied sizes.


At Partek, we strive to ensure that you get the nothing but the best. 

    1. Understanding need – Our first step is to get in touch with you to understand what you require. We ensure that first you are heard before suggesting to you a solution.
    2. Site Assessment – Post getting in touch, we do an assessment of your site to understand your requirement better.
    3. Advising – After doing a survey of the premises, we suggest to you the best course of action in terms of solutions rather than just selling products.
    4. Proposal – Our proposal is systematically made in order to cover all the relevant details regarding the implemented solution in process.
    5. Demonstration – Once the proposal has been recieved, our Sales staff conduct a product demo at your premises to ensure the effectiveness.
    6. Processing – Once you are satisified with the performance, the order is processed. 
    7. Supply – The entire solution is then delivered at your desired address in quality packaging so that there are no breakages during transit.
    8. Training – The products are then comissioned and the end users are trained on usage. This ensures that max productivity can be derived.
    9. After Sales – Our technical staff is well equipped with troubleshooting and problem solving, in case one arises. We also have sufficient stock of spares so that a machine or a tool doesnt remain out of order for long. For this, our Customer Care helpline has been implemented.
    10. Regular Auditing – Our sales staff is in constant touch with periodical communication to take care of any issues arising during the working period.
    11. Follow Up – Incase fresh training is required, we would oblige to do so. 
    12. Complete Satisfaction – We aim for Complete Customer Satisfaction.

    Though there are no goverment guidelines for cleaning systems in India, but from the day one, we have always kept in mind to keep our product range >90% eco-friendly. So far, we have been very successful in doing so, even though it involves a much higher cost to manufacture. It is our duty to promote envirnmental preservance and growth and have been implemented it in our decision making. This has resulted in a range made of eco-friendly recyclable and recyclable plastics. 


    We have more than 40 active distributors & dealers across India and are growing strong. Our stringent evaluation policies ensure that at the end we get a credible and efficient association for the betterment of both them and us. To know more on our channel, Click Here. 


    Our range has been carefully developed keeping according to Indian conditions and have grown over the years. With constant R&D, we have able to come up with a range of Machines & Tools, which is not only robust and efficient, but also complete in every sense. Which is why you won’t be disappointed when you come to us.