About Nutech Group

Nutech, a multi-dimensional group has been offering cleaning solutions for all the above end uses. We have been providing cleaning & hygiene management services with the cutting edge of automation since 1984. The offering of products and services include cleaning automation systems, cleaning machinery and equipment and onsite cleaning services. Through strategic tie-ups with global leaders, Nutech has been applying technology and innovation to help clients gain a competitive edge.

Nutech was the first professionally set up company in India to market top of the order floor & carpet care machines at a pan Indian level.

Way back in 1995, Nutech with the help of HLL, launched the first nationwide awareness towards mechanized housekeeping practices and since then have helped the market to maintain their properties in best possible manner.

We specialize in consultancy, engineering, design, development & production of cleaning & hygiene systems. Besides manufacturing, we also provide training, placement & contractual cleaning services to our customers. Over the last twenty-five years we have added over 500 products to offer you a comprehensive range. These products complement your style, need & offer you a real value for money.


Nutech aims to establish its excellence in diversified cleaning sectors. The contemporary cleaning industry finds itself struggling to sustain the core principles that are valuable to its customers and the end consumers. Many people assume that we only dump the trash, clean the restrooms and dust the blinds. This may be reality for some, but for others it much more than the tactical perception of cleaning. The first step lies in understanding that cleaning is an evolved health product. Many companies have realised cleaning is good for their business model. A facility with a clean image and high standards of hygiene attracts and retains tenants & enhances customer experience. To be precise clean buildings help in generating higher revenue for corporate India. We understand this situation & serve our customers in the best possible manner.

Being the pioneers in providing cleaning & hygiene solutions to India since 1984, we diligently work towards:-

  • ensuring proper hygiene solutions are delivered to the end consumers and thus providing overall satisfaction.
  • providing the most applicable and sound guidance to the industries & institutions in maintaining their capital assets.
  • bringing the hygiene level of India at par with other developed countries.
  • ensuring that the products and services are eco-friendly in nature and meet the environmental safety factors.
  • innovating new products and solutions & being constant pioneers in providing the best possible hygiene services.
  • controlling the level of dust in the environment and ensuring proper and healthy breathing air .

Nutech Group is driven by rich values. These values drive the growth and business of all the Nutech companies.
The 10 core values underpinning the way we do business are :-

  1. Integrity – We must be fair and honest in conducting our business.
  2. Understanding – We must be caring, respectful and compassionate towards our colleagues, suppliers, business partners and customers.
  3. Passion – We must be committed in our heart and mind to work towards the organisational objectives with utmost determination and drive.
  4. Flexibility – e must be flexible so as to bring in necessary changes and integrate them at all levels of management.
  5. Objective-driven – We must align our personal goals with the organisational goals and strive towards achieving them efficiently.
  6. Innovation – We must understand the customer’s changing needs and constantly satisfy them by effective research and development.
  7. Excellence – We must constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day to day work and in the quality of goods and services we provide.
  8. Unity – We must work cohesively with our colleagues across the group and with our customers and partners around the world, building strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual co-operation.
  9. Responsibility – We must be accountable for our actions and in-actions.
  10. Eco-friendly – We must ensure that all our processes and end products are environment friendly and in no way lead to environmental hazards.