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20Jun 2015

Nothing makes a difference between success and failure. But a contributing factor has a high correlation to success i.e. Cleanliness. Cleanliness can affect your business in many ways. Here are some:-  First Impact  When one works from home, his clients cannot ascertain about his cleanliness as they can neither see him nor his surroundings. But […]

20Jun 2015

Sanitation is a great challenge.  To live a disease free and healthy life India must have the access to hygienic sanitation but there is lack of it. A disease called Schistosomias is caused due to the absence of hygienic sanitation, which can damage internal organs. We need to find out ways to new technologies to […]

19Jun 2015

What is Color Coding? The use of color coding helps prevent cross-contamination and improve hygiene by clearly and  simply identifying to the cleaner the particular product (mop, bucket, duster, etc.) that should be used in any given situation. Color-coding is the idea of designating certain cleaning tools and processes by consistent color schemes. Its purpose […]