Partek range of Steam Cleaners are specialised and eco-friendly Steam machines with high quality steam. These machines can clean multiple areas in Healthcare Industry easily and quickly without using any chemicals i.e. with just water! These machines not only cleans the surface but also disinfects it ie. it eliminates bacteria and germ growth. Also, steam also helps in reducing HAI (Hospital Acquired Diseases) drastically by ensuring that bacteria and germs dont transfer from one host to another.

Our machines are designed and developed keeping Indian conditions in mind and ensures saving on water and chemical cost. Completely complying with HACCP norms, our steam machines go a long way in ensuring a hygienically safe and germ free environment.

So with Partek Steam cleaners, you get:-
1. Clean & Hygienic Environment
2. Sanitized Surface
3. Disinfection
4. Elimination of Cross Contamination
5. Elimination of HAI diseases