Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Dry 10 Plus

Whisper, agile, quiet and very user friendly vacuum cleaner. Practical compact design with powerful dry vacuum performance offers consistent reliability.

Dry 10 HEPA

Premium Swiss quality HEPA Dry Vacuum Cleaner with smart attachment holder + winder & ergonomic handle.

Dry 20

Premium Swiss quality Partek Dry 20 is a silent, robust and user‐friendly dry vacuum cleaner. Practical, compact round design incorporating some very vital elements not only makes this machine consistently reliable but also offers pleasing aesthetics.

Back Vac

When it comes to cleaning congested areas faster, then this lightweight, portable Back Vac cleaner offers superior vacuuming performance. The ergonomic adapted carrying frame ensures fatigue‐free working for hours. Also suitable for auditoriums, theaters, conference halls, classrooms, laboratories and restaurants etc.