Essential Cleaning Tools

Smart Wall Duster

Cleaning walls and ceilings has always been neglected due to non availability of a proper tool. With Partek Smart Wall Duster, a one of it’s kind cleaning/dusting tool, cleaning them is like a breeze.

Acro Cotton Duster

Partek Acro Cotton Duster with handle is a robust handy duster for everyday cleaning. The frame is split-able i.e. it can be split into two parts to clean around areas from both the sides.

Angel Wool Duster

Partek Angel Wool Duster is a highly sophisticated duster made of 100% premium lamb wool fibers with a telescopic handle for dry cleaning/dusting of delicate artifacts, light fixtures, chandeliers, etc.

Partek Magic Pad

Partek Magic Pad is nothing short of extraordinary - a cleaning pad which doesn't need harsh chemicals and is water-activated. In order to use, just wet it under the tap and then swipe away the dirt and grime and grease and whatever else you can find.

Industrial Floor Sweeping Brush

Partek Industrial Floor Sweeping Brush is an ergonomically designed hard sweeping brush, ideal for sweeping hard floors. The 18 inch brush consists of a durable lightweight plastic with bristles trimmed to 3 inches.

Strong Floor Squeegee

Partek Strong Floor Squeegee is an excellent choice for drying of all types of smooth floors. The new double rubber blade design is 3 times more durable and ensures thorough cleaning without leaving any streak marks behind.

Industrial Floor Squeegee

Partek Industrial Floor Squeegee is a specialised squeegee designed and developed keeping Industrial slick floors in mind. To cater to oily floors, a new type of rubber blade has been installed in this squeegee which is excellent for industrial and uneven floors.

Nipper Garbage Picker

Partek Nipper Litter Picker is a fantastic lightweight aluminium construction 100cm grabber/reacher for picking garbage and other things like bottle and syringes etc.

Long Lady Vertical Dustpan

Partek Long Lady Dust pan is a Vertical Dust Pan with long handle & Broom set for general everyday cleaning.

Kwik Vertical Dustpan

Partek Kwik Vertical Dust pan with cover and broom is ideal for general everyday cleaning. Made of superior quality eco-friendly Polypropylene plastic, Kwik is durable and reliable.

Sandra Vertical Covered Dustpan

Partek Sandra large vertical Dust pan with cover and broom is ideal for general everyday cleaning of large areas. Equipped with smooth wheels, Sandra is suitable for outside cleaning.

Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

Partek Floor Scraper is a heavy duty floor 140cm long floor stripper for scraping off paint from floors, chewing gums, adhesive, vinyl, carpet and other floor-covering materials without damaging the floor surface.

Curved Cobweb Brush

Partek Curved Cobweb Brush is a professional tool used with a Telescopic pole for easy removal of cobwebs from any hard-to-reach area.

Round Cobweb Brush

Partek Round cobweb brush is a professional tool used with a Telescopic pole for easy removal of cobwebs from any hard-to-reach area. Flagged-end (slipt-end) bristles facilitate micro-dusting.

Pike-o Telescopic Poles

Partek Pike-o Telescopic Poles offer a full range of possibilities for high reach cleaning. They are comprised of one, two, three or five parts and come in 14 standard sizes ranging from 1.25 m (4’2”) to 11m (36’7”).

Debri V-Sweeper Dust Mop

Partek Debri V-Sweeper Dust Mop is an efficient and ideal mop for ultra speed sweeping of corridors, shopping centers, schools and supermarket floors.

Caddie FX/B Housekeeping Basket

Partek Caddie FX is a perfect companion for keeping handy housekeeping tools and chemicals for above the floor surfaces. It comes with four color coding options.

Besto Hand Scrubbing Tool

Partek Besto puts cleaning versatility in the palm of your hand. It’s strong hook-and-loop attaches to multiple pads securely for efficient cleaning and scrubbing.

Tangy Floor & Wall Scrubbing Tool

Partek Tangy is a Pad Holder with hook-and-loop which grips the pad for wet scrubbing of walls/floors. The 360 degree universal connector allows Tangy to be attached with Aluminium poles.