Glass Cleaning Tools

Combo Tool

Partek Combo tool is a is 2 professional-quality tools in 1. Consisting a 30cm microfiber washer to wash/scrub windows and a 30cm high quality rubber blade squeegee to wipe away the excess water, this combo tool is a must have for all glass cleaning needs.

Window Washers

Partek professional grade Window Washer features Dynamic design which improves water flow through the sleeve spreading the right amount of liquid onto the glass and enhances the quality of window washing

Swivel Window Squeegee

Partek Swivel Squeegee has been carefully designed and developed with a professional approach. Made of high quality eco-friendly plastic, this squeegee features an ergonomic handle with a 180 degree swivel.

AluMax Squeegee

artek AluMax Window Squeegee is extra-long squeegee which comes with a high-impact aircraft-grade extruded aluminum alloy channel and a professional swivel handle. It comes in 60cm, 75cm & 90cm.

Techno Squeegee

artek Techno Ergonomic Window Squeegee is ergonomically shaped for a comfort grip. The rubber moulding ensures a non-slip grip and is ideal for cold conditions.