Mopping Systems

Lito Mopping

Partek Lito Mopping gives the best microfiber based lint-free damp and wet mopping solutions. With highly absorbent mop and eco-friendly frames, it provides superior mopping productivity.

Press & Go Mopping

Partek Press & Go Mopping System is a exclusive, premium & high productivity mopping system which will allow you to perform dry & damp cleaning operations with ease.

Joy Mopping

Partek Joy Mop is a 40cm elegant bucket-less mopping system designed to improve hygiene while reducing mopping time, chemical use, water use, labour cost and WHS issues.

Quick Snap MicroDust Control System

Partek Quick Snap Dust Control System is a specialised mopping tool to take care of all the unwanted dust. This system comes with Mop Frame(60, 80 OR 100 cms.) + Flortex Cloth + Ninja Telescopic Handle 79 - 166cm

Flortex Cloths

Our exclusive Flortex cloths are used specifically with Quick Snap Dust Control Systems which comes with 400 washes guaranteed, thus reducing the cost per wash or per sq/ft of area.

Dido Mopping

Partek Dido Mopping is an economical and ergonomic way of flat damp mopping most types of floors. It can be paired with multiple trolleys and buckets for effectively cleaning dirt.

Round Microfiber Mopping

Partek Round Microfiber string mop paired with round wringer is a superior choice for wet mopping. Made of 100% microfiber opposed to other similar microfiber mops, the round mop has a higher percentage of micro fiber in the same weight and size of a cloth.