Smart Cleaning Products


The Heavy duty Champion-Sumo is well suited for medium to heavy scrubbing, polishing, crystallization and buffing jobs on Marble, Granite, Mosaic, Kota, Vinyl, PVC floors.

Super Disc 12

Swiss precision quality machine designed for maintenance cleaning of stone, parquet, carpet & vinyl floors. It runs very smooth with the help of anti‐vibration system. It's simple in construction, light weight and very practical machine for cleaning small areas & stairs with superior cleaning performance. It works on rotary cum oscillatory motion and a breeze to operate.

Product Code : #MCSD12

Super Disc 165

The Super Disc 165 is a high quality light duty everyday floor scrubbing & buffing machine.This machine is very quiet and vibration free. The chassis is strong, durable, and fitted with large wheels for easy transport. The centric motor provides for extreme balance and fatigue free usage.

Super Disc Duo

This Swiss precision high quality very low Noise Machine can do a job of 2 machines. Poly V‐Belt Drive and off‐centric motor provides for extremely balanced & user‐friendly operation.

Super Scrubber

A medium duty Machine for scrubbing and buffing for any kind of floors.

UHS 1500

Excellent quality ultra hi‐speed machine for spray cleaning, hi‐speed polishing & burnishing of large areas.

Dry 10 Plus

Whisper, agile, quiet and very user friendly vacuum cleaner. Practical compact design with powerful dry vacuum performance offers consistent reliability.

Dry 10 HEPA

Premium Swiss quality HEPA Dry Vacuum Cleaner with smart attachment holder + winder & ergonomic handle.

Dry 20

Premium Swiss quality Partek Dry 20 is a silent, robust and user‐friendly dry vacuum cleaner. Practical, compact round design incorporating some very vital elements not only makes this machine consistently reliable but also offers pleasing aesthetics.

Back Vac

When it comes to cleaning congested areas faster, then this lightweight, portable Back Vac cleaner offers superior vacuuming performance. The ergonomic adapted carrying frame ensures fatigue‐free working for hours. Also suitable for auditoriums, theaters, conference halls, classrooms, laboratories and restaurants etc.

Vac 22 WD

This is a robust, flexible and aesthetically beautiful Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner with superior cleaning performance. Due to its design & construction, it assures to meet your duty cycles comparable with similar machines available in the market but offers better value for money.

Vac 1030 P

Contractor’s choice wet & dry vacuum cleaner which offers strong performance with good value for money. Available in 30 lit. capacity in plastic tank.

Vac 2063 S

For cleaning large areas, Partek offers powerful Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaners with large tank capacity and multiple vacuum motors.


Partek Alpha is unique entry level, simple appliance needing very little maintenance, it offers surprising results and replaces window washers, brushes, water bucket and detergents.

Alpha Plus

Partek Alpha Plus is one of its kind Steam machine which offers surprising results and replaces window washers, brushes, water bucket and detergents. Maintaining Alpha Plus is very cost effective too.

Steam n Vac

The most ecological, modern and complete system that exploits high temperature dry steam power for cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces. Partek Steam n Vac is a unique professional quality machine for multipurpose jobs

Dry Foam Generator cum Water Tank

It will do the job of a conventional foam generator for dry foam shampooing on carpets plus when you want to scrub hard floors, the same device acts as a water tank.


Dry foam + motorized hand scrubber + vacuum combined together provide the ultimate solution for sofa, chair and car interior upholstery cleaning. The cleaned surface dries in 30 to 45 minutes.


The basic & most effective carpet cleaning method for textile surfaces carpets, upholstery or interiors is spray ‐ extraction. This method is particularly suitable for heavily soiled carpets and for spot cleaning of large surface.

Mini Plus

Professional Swiss precision quality Spray Extraction Machine with twin jet spray nozzle and with two pumps for a higher spray quantity for textile surfaces such as carpets, upholstery or car interiors.

Ecoline 700 M

Partek Ecoline 700 M is a Smart cleaning machine without any motor. It effectively picks up loose dust, leaves, empty cans, small garbage from various types of hard surfaces.

Combijet 1550E

Partek Combijet 1550E is a very robust Scrubbing Machine for the middle‐sized floor spaces in Offices and Industries. Optimum cleaning results with high brush pressure.

Combijet 1760E

Partek Combijet 1760 E is a tough Scrubber Drier for all types of hard floor surfaces in Offices and Industries. Effective high‐speed cleaning , self‐positioning, self‐leveling brush , cleans up to the edge .

Combijet 2300E

The Combijet 2300 Walk Behind Scrubber Driers offer an ideal solution for maintenance and cleaning of large areas with one person. The machine scrubs and dries the floor in a single operation. Equipped with large twin tanks – one for the fresh water and another for pick‐up of dirty water while cleaning.

Combijet 6000 Plus

The Partek Combijet Rider 6000 Plus cleans up to 5,500 sq. mtr. per hour and is brilliant for all jobs where fast, efficient cleaning of large areas and even obstructed spaces is needed.

Combijet 7000 Plus

The Partek Combijet Rider 7000 Plus shows its power where we ask for maneuverability and speed. It cleans up to 6,500 Sq. M per hour and is brilliant for all jobs where fast, efficient cleaning of large areas and even obstructed spaces is needed.

Quicky Plus 10 – 170

A very efficient Cold Water High Pressure machine which is economical & dislodges the dirt in fraction of time. These machines have endless uses such as cleaning floors, pools, drains, walls, tanks, vessels, machines, vehicles, toilets, trains, tracks etc.

PX 12 – 170

PX 12 170 is a powerful and professional three phase Cold Water High Pressure machine with medium duty triplex plunger pump. At 12 lit/min, it is ideal for cleaning of larger areas such as exteriors, driveways, vessels, trains, machines, tracks, and drains