Walk-behind Scrubber Driers

Combijet 1550E

Partek Combijet 1550E is a very robust Scrubbing Machine for the middle‐sized floor spaces in Offices and Industries. Optimum cleaning results with high brush pressure.

Combijet 1760E

Partek Combijet 1760 E is a tough Scrubber Drier for all types of hard floor surfaces in Offices and Industries. Effective high‐speed cleaning , self‐positioning, self‐leveling brush , cleans up to the edge .

Combijet 2300E

The Combijet 2300 Walk Behind Scrubber Driers offer an ideal solution for maintenance and cleaning of large areas with one person. The machine scrubs and dries the floor in a single operation. Equipped with large twin tanks – one for the fresh water and another for pick‐up of dirty water while cleaning.

Combijet 1660 E

Combijet 1660 E is an economical walk-behind scrubber drier with efficient productivity and area coverage. It's 18 inches inches of working width provides great performance and helps in maintaining stone, parquet and linoleum floors.