Greyline 1500A

Partek Greyline 1500A Housekeeping Trolley is an ideal trolley for all the cleaning needs. Its specialty is that it comes with a locking compartment made of strong grade Aluminium

Partek Greyline 1500A housekeeping trolley is a economical mobile trolley for small areas. It is compact in size and ideal for portable cleaning needs. Equipped with a medium metal locking compartment for transporting and keeping cleaning chemicals out of reach, Greyline 1500A is ideal for both, housekeeping and safe storage. It comes with two Robin 25 litres buckets and a Partek Tec wringer with engineered plastic jaws and gear drive.Mounted on strong and smooth wheels, 1500A is an efficient and robust product in the Partek Greyline series of trolleys.


Greyline 1500A Features

  • Safe storage with locking compartment
  • Robust construction
  • 120 lt nylon bag with lid
  • Highly mobile with no marking and swivel castor wheels
  • Premium quality PP plastic ensures long life


Greyline-1500B-lock compartment

  • Hotels
  • Corporate Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Banquet Halls
  • Other areas
  • Sturdy Trolley base with wheels (1pc.)
  • Vertical Aluminium tray holder (2pc.)
  • 25 litres Robin Bucket (2pc.)
  • Partek Tec Wringer (1pc.)
  • Medium tray for housekeeping material (2pc.)
  • Aluminium Storage with Lock (1pc.)
  • Clamp for Mop Handle (1pc.)
  • Mop Stand (1pc.)
  • Hook for Dustpan (1pc.)
  • Dustbag Holder (1pc.)
  • Dustbag Cover (1pc.)
  • Washable Dust Bag (120 litres) (1pc.)