PX 13 – 310

PX 13 310 is a powerful and professional three phase Cold Water High Pressure machine with medium duty triplex plunger pump. At 13 lit/min, it is ideal for cleaning of larger areas such as exteriors, driveways, vessels, trains, machines, tracks, and drains

Partek offers the widest range of Smart Cold Water High Pressure cleaners spread over so many different models to suit all applications. When you have a tough cleaning task in hand, and an outlet to drain water, then nothing can be cheaper than using an appropriate high pressure cleaner. Most of these modern machines are compact, driven with either an electric motor or an engine and can produce 100 to 300 times more pressure than your normal tap pressure which helps in dislodging the dirt in fraction of time. Just connect them to your water source and a power supply and see them taking away old dirt & grime. These machines have endless uses such as cleaning floors, pools, drains, walls, tanks, vessels, machines, vehicles, toilets, trains, tracks etc.


  • Compact and professional machine
  • Portable with excellent aesthetics
  • Power and water saver
  • Medium duty triplex plunger pump
  • Inbuilt chemical / detergent tank
  • Pressure regulator from 30 bar to max
  • Forged brass pump head
  • Full ceramic plungers
  • Die-cast aluminum pump chassis
  • Automatic total stop system (PX 13-310 only)