Quick Snap MicroDust Control System

Partek Quick Snap Dust Control System is a specialised mopping tool to take care of all the unwanted dust. This system comes with Mop Frame(60, 80 OR 100 cms.) + Flortex Cloth + Ninja Telescopic Handle 79 - 166cm

Partek Quick Snap Dust Control System is a specialised mopping tool to take care of all the unwanted dust including the micro dust which is not visible to the eye. The frame is made of aircraft grade high quality aluminium which provides strength and long lasting ability. It comes in 3 sizes:-

  • 60 cm (Item Code: QSMC60F)
  • 80 cm (Item Code: QSMC80F)
  • 100 cm (Item Code: QSMC100F)


quick snap frames


The Quick Snap MicrDust Control frame is a carefully designed and developed superior grade tool for holding Partek Flortex dry and damp cloths. Made of aircraft-grade aluminium, this frame guarantees longevity and extreme durability. It has Sleek looks which adds on to the aesthetic values. It has rotating swivel head for multidirectional movement and can be locked in place for only two directional movement. Provision of four and eight logically placed quick snaps to hold the Flortex microfiber cloths tightly. Available in three sizes, it is an effective tool at micro managing dust and dirt to the minimum.

Our exclusive Flortex cloth is very effecient in attracting dust due to its microfiber properties. Framing the cloth takes about 5 seconds and then the Dust Control System takes care of all sorts of dust, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

The Ninja handle is a cut above the rest. Very sleek & elegant looking handle which provides the ability to adjust the height of the handle. Also, it has a 360 degree rotating ball at the top of the handle to make it easy for the user to keep his hands firm on the handle without getting fatigued.

This system comes with Mop Frame + Flortex Cloth + Ninja Telescopic Handle 79 – 166cm

  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Bars/Cafes
  • Banquet Halls
  • Other areas

flortex cloths


Partek Quick Snap Flortex Cloths are special flat mops for dry and damp cleaning of smooth floors.  Made of high quality polyester yarns densely fabricated for high dust/dirt capture, these cloths are easy to use and clean post work. Due to static charge created with fibers rubbing against the surface, these cloths bind dirt and dust  like magnet. Used with a aircraft-grade frame, this mopping system guarantees longevity and extreme durability. Available in various sizes, these cloths are suitable for small to medium areas where dust/dirt control is important.


  • Attracts dust and dirt effectively
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lasts from 300 to 500 washes under normal working cond.
  • Captures micro-dust and dirt
  • Light weight and convenient to use
  • Ensures the dirty part is not touched while replacing mops

quick snap dust control info