Nothing makes a difference between success and failure. But a contributing factor has a high correlation to success i.e. Cleanliness.

Cleanliness can affect your business in many ways. Here are some:- 

  1. First Impact 

When one works from home, his clients cannot ascertain about his cleanliness as they can neither see him nor his surroundings. But the cleanliness plays an important role for a person who works at a shop or office and is contacted face-to-face by his clients. Any messiness; dirty windows, glasses, table, scattered papers or files, dust in corners, cobweb on walls etc. can make a customer uncomfortable and uneasy, which will make him not come back again. 

  1. Individual Tidiness/Hygiene 

It is very important to maintain personal hygiene as it is considered as the first step towards healthy life. Good personal hygienic habits decrease the chances of getting sick. If a person is habitual of maintaining good cleanliness habits, then he can teach the rest of the people around him and can maintain appropriate cleanliness. All unclean habits like dirty nails, teeth, skin; unmanaged hair, unpolished shoes, unpressed clothes; shows one’s unhealthy living standards. Being unhygienic can create unfavorable impact on the clients and also on the business standards.

  1. Print Material 

It is not mandatory for the print material to be expensive.  But there should be good quality and the matter written on them should be readable. A company should look after its invoices, estimate sheets, promotional flyers, business cards, letterhead; whether they are crisp, neat and presentable. Errors like broken lines, misalignment and typographic errors prove a person a rank amateur in business, stating that he/she does not have the knowledge of basics.

  1. Product’s Cleanliness 

It does not matter what one sells, whether it is a professional service or a virtual product or a physical product, one has to deliver it at some point. People, who take up the role of a business coach as profession, should understand the importance of advising clean i.e clearly and precise so that the listener doesn’t lose focus. 

It should be ensured that the office flooring be kept clean all the time. Stumbling over a misplaced thing or slipping on a wet floor can cost one’s time and medical bills. But the cleanliness is the cheapest insurance, if the things are clean and managed around you then these expensive accidents can never take place. 

  1. In Case of equipment 

Equipment cleaning is also very necessary as more than 90% of the equipment failures take place due to dust & dirt. We have the examples of overheated computers, printing presses jam, engines explode and the list goes on. When something mechanical fails, then try cleaning it before changing it. It is better to adopt a habit of cleaning your equipment inside and out in order to keep it safe. 

  1. How we speak 

The language and the way we speak may sound moralistic. But the people around us know us by our words as well as by our actions and appearance.

The above listed pointers are known by almost everybody due to their generalness. Take this as a reminder ensuring the real importance of these in one’s personal & professional life.