What is Color Coding?

The use of color coding helps prevent cross-contamination and improve hygiene by clearly and  simply identifying to the cleaner the particular product (mop, bucket, duster, etc.) that should be used in any given situation. Color-coding is the idea of designating certain cleaning tools and processes by consistent color schemes. Its purpose is the segregation of equipment, materials and procedures as a means of preventing cross-infection and cross contamination in the home and the workplace.

8 Major Advantages of Color Coding?

The benefits of Color Coded Cleaning System are numerous. These have been highlighted below :-

  • Control infection
  • Prevent cross-contamination
  • Differentiate for specific tasks or jobs
  • Identify between departments
  • Help bridge the language barrier
  • Reduce injury and accidents
  • Makes staff training a breeze
  • Meet and exceed workplace health and safety and accreditation requirements